BBA in Canada: Courses, Top Colleges, Fees, Career Options

In Canada BBA is a four year in which different fundamental subjects such as general management, including accounting, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, and strategy. In most of the top business colleges in Canada, BBA course is generally of four years.

International students can pursue BBA in Canada with an annual tuition fee of $ 25,000 to $ 30,000. Students from India will have to pay around ₹ 18 – 22 lakhs.


Most of the students prefer to join MBA in Canada or other programs after completing their business study through BBA course in Canada.

If any candidate wants to join any organization after the completion of their BBA program, they will get offer of approximately $ 43,984 as salary.

Why Canada is preferable to study BBA?

  • It is found that the influx of international students for BBA program has been increased approximately 16.4% in India in the year of 2019 and this is greater in comparison of USA.
  • The average salary of a BBA graduate is around $ 61,500. Though, they will offer salary in between $ 46,519 to $ 82,026.
  • Schulich School of Business hires 89% BBA Students after the completion of their course and offer an average salary of $ 58,230.
  • In case of BBA graduates, percentage of employment is 90% which is greater than any other field of study which is 87% at the graduation level in Canada.
  • Candidates having specialization in Financial auditors and analysts are expected to be in high demand during the period of 2019-2028. It is also assumed that the number of vacancies will be approximately 80,000.
  • International students are allowed the work permit of up to 3 years in Canada. On the other hand, overseas candidates will also can have work of up to 20 hours on weekly basis.
  • Cities like Montreal and Ottawa ranks at the top of the list as safest city for the international students in Canada. Millions of candidates, every year moves to Canada to get higher education.

BBA Course at a Glance

Name of the Course: Bachelor of Business Administration

Duration of the Course: 4 Years

Course Level: Undergraduate

Type of Programme: Online, Full-time and Part-time

Languages: Bilingual (English and French), Trilingual (English, French and Spanish) and French

Requirement of Entry: IELTS- 6.5, TOEFL- 88, CAEL- 70, PTE- 65

Tuition Fee (average): ₹ 18 – 22 Lakhs

Average Salary: 32 Lakhs

Career Opportunities: Marketing coordinator, financial analyst, human resource manager, accountant, operations manager, financial controller, etc.

Top Recruiting Companies: CIBC, L’Oréal, RBC Financial Group, Proctor and Gamble, Kraft Food Inc., etc.


BBA course is a where you will get the fundamental knowledge of various aspects of management such as Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Organization Behavior, Communication Skills.

Students are become skilled in the field of management and are trained in basic entrepreneurship. Students intended to pursue BBA Programme should have certain skills such as Leadership qualities, Decision-making skills, Good oral and written communication skills.

You will face both theoretical as well as practical lessons in BBA course. Through various projects and training, students are getting the real life industry based knowledge.

The students are also familiar with the latest developments and innovations that is happening around the world in business sectors.

You will be taught different approaches in business sector such as Corporate, Entrepreneurship, Online business, Small business. You will gain very essential qualities of a BBA graduates in leadership and management.

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible to get admission in BBA Programme in Canadian Universities, you must have certain eligibility. Basically, you have to complete higher secondary with the minimum required percentage.

Any aspirant must obtain Advanced Functions at 70%, Calculus or vectors- 60%, Data management- 60%, Higher Level or Standard Level English at 4, Higher Level or Standard Level Mathematics at 4, IB Minimum Score- 33.

International aspirants from countries like India where English is not the native language have to provide proof of their efficiency in English. Scores of various exams such as IELTS, TOEFL would be an evidence.

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BBA Programmes in Canada

While finalize your decision to pursue BBA in Canada, you have to be aware that there are different formats available for BBA such as BBA Part-time, BBA Full-time, BBA Co-op.

BBA Full-time: BBA Full-time indicates that this course will be as per given time frame and classes will also be conducted regularly.

BBA Part-time: Duration of this course is longer than the BBA full-time course. In this type of course, students are having another course or is attached with a job in day/night to earn some money for their studies.

BBA Co-op: BBA Co-operative is really a unique option in the field of education where students are able to get a paid academic studies according to their experience in the respective field. In this type of education system, students have the opportunity to make some money during their studies.

Here, students are getting some benefits such as:

  • Skills and knowledge will be enhanced of their related course.
  • They will get the real life practical knowledge that you will face in industries in your respective specialization.
  • Make a good relationship with various industries in your graduation for future purposes.

Required Documents for BBA in Canada

Candidates have to upload all the required documents with their application and payment during submission of application for BBA in Canada.

  • All the details of academic records.
  • Evidence of proficiency in English language.
  • Authentic ID proof such as birth certificate, Citizenship documents or the passport which is compulsory to submit at the time of admission.
  • Affidavit of financial efficiency which is the proof that you are financially stable to pursue this course aboard.
  • In case, if any candidate is experienced have to submit their resume as well as their current employment status.

Student Visa for Canada

Candidates need to make payment of 150 CAD to get Canadian study permit. Health insurance is not mandatory for Indian student to have Canadian visa.

Candidates are asked to submit some specific documents to avail the visa are Valid Passport, Attested copies of 10th, 12th and Degree certificates, Academic references – 2, Employer references – 2, SOP (Statement of Purpose) to study in Canada, Certificates of extracurricular achievements, An acceptance letter from the institution you were studying, Proof of payment, Proof of financial funds, Passport size photographs, English Proficiency, Your University will ask you additional requirements if needed before your application process is done.

Top Universities in Canada for BBA

World class business management colleges are situated in Canada. We have mention a brief information about some colleges:

1. University of Toronto

  • Year of Establishment: 1827
  • Location: 3 campuses such as Downtown Toronto (St. George), Mississauga (in the West) and Scarborough (in the East).
  • Size of Campus (in acres): 177
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 7.6 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 70
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 57,020
  • Ranking: 17 as per US News & World Report 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

Canada as well as across the world, it becomes a global leader in the field of research and teaching. Surrounding environment is very eco-friendly and comfortable for living and working. Library system of this university is considered as the third largest across North America.

2. Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Year of Establishment: 1925
  • Location: 220
  • Size of Campus (in acres): 220
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 2.8 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 11,500
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 60
  • Ranking: 703 as per US News & World Report 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

St. John’s is the main campus and mainly in urban areas with various academic program. It is considered that Marine Institute facilitates world’s largest marine education. Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) has taken position among the top level universities in Canada.

There are about 1,300 faculty and 2,400 staff members. It contains six schools viz. Nursing, Music, Graduate Studies, Pharmacy, Recreation, Human Kinetics and Social Work. There are approximately 3,500 international students from around 110 countries.

Some famous personalities who are in the list of alumni of this university are British physiologist Mary Constance Cecile Lobban, historian Robert Gellately, novelist Wayne Johnston.

3. York University

  • Year of Establishment: 1959
  • Location: Toronto
  • Size of Campus (in acres): 500
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 9.3 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 130
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 33,875
  • Ranking: 432 as per US News & World Report 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

In terms of largest university, York University has taken the third spot and become independent in 1965 which was affiliated by the University of Toronto previously. York University gained recognition of the national as well as international.

A famous Canadian astronaut, Steven Glenwood MacLean had done his graduation from York University. Number of students in the York University is nearly 55,700 and number of faculties is 7,000.

The main campus of this university is the Keel campus. Number of research centers of this university is 28. Meritorious students across the world can avail the facilities of education loan and scholarship as financial aid.

4. Simon Fraser University

  • Year of Establishment: 1965
  • Location: British Columbia’s west coast
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 10.1 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 90
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 14,690
  • Ranking: 306 as per US News & World Report 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

The list of notable alumni is large and among them Tery Fox is at top in the list. It is among the institution of most community-engaged research in Canada.

This university has three campuses with undergraduate students of 30,000, graduate students of and post-doctoral fellows of 5,700, alumni over 160,000, and around 1,000 tenure-track faculty. This is also considered as the first Canadian university that have the recognition of U.S.

According to the Maclean’s magazine, this university ranked top constantly for five years. Percentage of international students in this university is approximately 25% which is equal to 4,030. Multiple gyms, a swimming pool, and WAC which is a library are situated in the premises of the campus.

In the year of 2009, this campus was bestowed with the prestigious award Lieutenant Governor Awards in the field of Architecture.

5. Carleton University

  • Year of Establishment: 1942
  • Location: Ottawa
  • Size of Campus (in acres): 153
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 7.9 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 100
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 32,807
  • Ranking: 471 as per US News & World Report 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

The campus consists of around 35 buildings with top-notch infrastructure and linked to each other through underground tunnels of 5 km.

You are offered various graduate and undergraduate programs such as arts, languages, history, psychology, philosophy, engineering, design, law, economics, journalism, sciences, business, etc.

This university has partnership with many industries that help candidates to gain practical experience as well as provide opportunity of employment. Nearly, 60+ UG and 45+ PG courses are available to the students in this university.

Students having 80% or higher are eligible for scholarship with terms and conditions. Members of around 150 countries are part of the Carleton Alumni’s with approx. 160,000 members.

6. Dalhousie University

  • Year of Establishment: 1818
  • Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 7.0 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 115
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 15,999
  • Ranking: 325 as per US News & World Report 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

Dalhousie University is situated in a very friendly cities named Halifax, Nova Scotia that was established in the year of 1818. The number of enrolment of international students is almost 20% i.e. around 20,000.

Approx. 92% of candidates participate in the work-oriented programmes which provides them the opportunity to gain practical experience from the professional with highly experienced personals, and acquired the required skills which is very important for them in their professional life.

Students from almost 115 are migrated to this university to pursue their graduation and post-graduation. The total number of campus of this university is four out of which three are situated in the Halifax (Studley, Sexton and Carleton) and the another one is Agricultural campus.

Nearly 90% are of PhD holders among 999 professors as per 2017 in this university. Among the 6 libraries Killiam Memorial Library is the largest library of Atlantic Canada having almost 1 million books and thousands of journals.

Some prominent alumni of this university are very successful such as Arthur B. McDonald – Nobel Prize winner in the year of 2015in Physics, Joe Clark who was elected as the 16th Canadian Prime Minister, Michael Leir who was appointed as the High Commissioner of Canadian to Australia, Richard Bedford Bennett who was elected as the 16th Canadian Prime Minister and many more.

7. Thompson Rivers University

  • Year of Establishment: 1970
  • Location: Kamloops, British Columbia
  • Size of Campus (in acres): 250
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 3.1 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 100
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 13,825
  • Ranking: 46 in the Country as per UniRank
  • Official Website: Click Here

Initially, it was founded as public academic and Research University in 1970. This university has 2 campuses and out of which the main campus is situated in Kamloops, BC, Canada.

In 2005, in the month of March 31, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) organize their inaugural convocation. This university has many partners at the international level. It offers on campus programmes of nearly 150 and number of open programmes is around 55 with nearly 25,000 students.

In this campus, you can be a part of academic research, extracurricular activities. Major portion of students are coming from China, India, Saudi Arabia and from other 75 countries. Students having percentage of 85% or above are eligible for a scholarship of 1000 CAD as financial aid for the needy students.

During the course, you may get the opportunity to join per time work of 20 hours with a monthly income of 2500-3500 CAD. After two years of your joining in the course, you are eligible to avail work permit of two years after the completion of your degree. The ratio of students and faculty is also very good i.e. 63:1.

8. University of Regina

  • Year of Establishment: 1911
  • Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Size of Campus (in acres): 239
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 5.2 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 100
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 12,408
  • Ranking: 902 as per US News & World Report 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

Establishment of this university has already crosses 100 years that was founded in 1911. But, in 1974, it became an autonomous organization.

Around 16 disciplines with 115 UG programmes and 80 PG are offered in various fields such as business, Engineering, social work etc. The name of this city was changed from Wascana to Regina in the memory of queen Victoria.

Students from around 95 countries are migrated to this university which amounts to nearly 19% of total enrolled students. The endowment fund of this university is very high and the amount is nearly 86 million Dollars. The scholarships are provided to the students on the basis of requirement as well as merit.

9. Langara College

  • Year of Establishment: 1965
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 6.3 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 155
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 12,976
  • Ranking: 81 across the country as per Ranking Web of Universities 2021
  • Official Website: Click Here

After the establishment of this university with the collaboration of Vancouver City College, it offers various courses and programmes that was established in the year of 1965.

In the year of 2016, the Musqueam bestowed with the name of Langara College in a ceremony. Under the department of business, subjects included are Marketing Management, Financial Services, Accounting, International Business Management, Financial Management.

This college is famous to us as ‘House of teachings’. This college has two campuses and the main campus is situated at 49th Avenue, Vancouver and the another is situated in West Broadway, Vancouver.

Deserving international students are provided with an amount of 850 USD for each students as financial support. You can get the opportunities of work-study which will help to the students as financial support.

Through various programmes, students are making their skills better which is very helpful for their career.

10. Sheridan College

  • Year of Establishment: 1967
  • Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Yearly Hostel & Meals Expense: ₹ 4.4 Lakh
  • Application Fee (USD): 95
  • Fees per Annum (USD): 12,841
  • Ranking: 15 as per Forbes’ ranking
  • Official Website: Click Here

In 1967, Sheridan College was established in Ontario, Canada having international students from 105 countries. It has three campuses in the Ontario city in Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton.

There are many graduates from this university who have awarded with Academy and Emmy Award in animation and creative arts. It is among the top 5 colleges in the field of research in Canada. The population of international students is approximately 25% of the total students enrolled in this college.

The number of total students in this college in 130 programmes are nearly 25,000. After the completion of 1 year of your Programme, you are eligible to apply for co-op.

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Job Opportunities after BBA

After the completion of BBA in Canada, you will be offered for many posts with their average salary. We have mentioned some popular job profile below:

1. Financial Analyst- 44,500 USD per annum

2. Marketing Analyst- 45,000 USD per annum

3. Accountant- 38,500 USD per annum

4. Marketing Coordinator- 32,500 USD per annum

5. Financial Controller- 62,000 USD per annum

6. Senior Accountant- 47,500 USD per annum

7. Administrative Assistant- 48,000 USD per annum

8. Staff Accountant- 34,000 USD per annum

9. Marketing Specialist- 38,500 USD per annum

There are many universities in Canada that are renowned worldwide which will improve your chance to get better job opportunities. Institutions of Canada give more focus on the practical experience which is very important for the betterment of your skills and technical knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the annual tuition fee for BBA in Canada for international students?

Ans: International students have to pay an average annual tuition fee of $25,000 to $30,000 to pursue BBA in Canada.

Q2. How much time it takes to complete BBA in Canada of foreign students?

Ans: It takes four years to complete BBA in Canada for foreign students.

Q3. What is the annual fee of the University of Toronto?

Ans: The annual fee that the University of Toronto charged is approximately 57,020 USD per annum.

Q4. Name some career options after the completion of BBA in Canada.

Ans: Students will be offered with some popular job opportunities after completing BBA in Canada are Financial Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Accountant, Financial Controller, Staff Accountant, etc.

Q5. What is the average salary of a BBA graduates in Canada?

Ans: A BBA graduates will get an average salary of after INR 32 Lakhs.

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