How to Become Rich in 2023 – Step by Step Guide

The country like India has a huge population and there are many people become millionaires in Indian rupee as well as in US Dollars.

There are very large number of people who are the younger population and they contribute most in this trend, proper use of resources, flexible economy that encourage start-ups and attract many new investors towards various central and state governments policies that are very friendly for business purposes.

Become Rich

One cannot become rich overnight. But, to become rich you have to work hard consistently giving sufficient time in work to reach your goal. Don’t think that you would not able to become rich person or it is impossible for you.

You don’t need to think of marrying in wealthy family, migrate into the other country, involved with crime. Proper business plan and execution make you a rich person in India.

Working in an organization will be very arduous. The major problems are fund for investing in a business. Through investment in healthy or rich organization you can become rich quickly.

Those lack of own funding can get funds under the various government schemes at very low interest rates. There are various banks, financial institutions which offered loans with minimal documentation.

On the other hand, one can get funds through crowd funding, family syndication and community loans. If you are thinking about selling property and withdrawing securities, then we are not suggested to do so.

Before making any investment in business, do research, analysis, and take proper guidance from an expert of the related field.

16 Best Way to Become Rich Fast


This is simply blogging is one the best way to become rich. Through this profession many people related with it can become wealthy. You don’t have to be ready for office and reach on time. You can do work according to your comfortable from your home without investing any amount.

Lots of people think that this is a technical profession and stay away from this profession. But, one can easily start blogging without having any knowledge of web design and even unable to speak in English and earn money online.

It is better to start writing in your own comfortable language. Through articles in blog, you can tell the whole world about your knowledge and experience.

Be careful while selecting your hosting and domain. Give special attention that you have not choose a free version which contain lots of restrictions and limitations, and choose an annual subscription.

Create an App

If you have good understanding in technology, then you can utilize your knowledge and create an app. First of all, you need to get in-depth knowledge of how to create an app. If your app became successful, then you will get regular income from it.

Initially, you need lot of funding as well as sufficient time must be provide. If, it goes in the right track, then it will make you rich in India. You may hire expert for this work if you don’t have enough experience in this field to do the work on behalf of you.

At first research the market what kind of application is in demand. Then prepare a list of it and select any one from which is suitable for you. There are many apps that become very popular and successful in India.

For example, we can see that Byju’s app which is on education become successful and owner of this app become a millionaire. This app is also popular in foreign countries like Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Malaysia, and other countries.

Create Video on YouTube

This is also a good idea to start a channel on YouTube but it is a lengthy process and takes sufficient time. You can earn decent money and also become famous person. You must prepare attractive videos that will help to increase number of views and also increase your income.

You have to promote videos that you have made in different social medias. Prepare a video that are in demand like important news, education, knowledge, relationship, cooking, various process etc. if your video is as per the people requirement, then it will create a lots of money and make you famous.

To create a video, you have to work hard and do research on it that takes some time. But you have to upload quality videos regularly on your YouTube channel and maintain a good reputation.

In India, there are lots of YouTuber who become very rich creating videos for YouTube such as Nisha Madhulika, Tanmay Bhat and many others.

Invest in the Stock Market

It will be a great idea to invest your fund in stocks, bonds, equities, etc. through which you can earn a huge amount in return. This is one of the absolute way to become a rich person in India. There is various sector for trading such as silver, gold, oil and many other things.

Before investing money in the stock market, you need to get detail knowledge about trading. It may be lucrative for you, if you do trading safely. There is a chance of big loss if you take it lightly. Aware from misleading by the intruder or traders.

Like everything, it also requires some time and knowledge to get into the right track. Invest in that kind of industry which has strong fundamental base with terrific leadership. Don’t bother if there is any ups and downs in the stock market.

Follow the stocks that are in their record height and try to recover any kind of losses but do not mix them.

Investment in Real Estate

This requires huge initial investment and gives you huge return to become rich in India. The best way is to buy plot, flat or property and provide it for rent or you can wait for some time and then sell it with considerable profit. This is a smart way to make money without taking any risk.

People experienced in this field can able to earn lot of money in just one investment when the value of the asset will increase over a period of time.

As an example, an experienced real estate has the knowledge if buy some property at a better location that is in lesser demand now in any metro city, in the next 5-10 years, according to their demand the price will be higher than present value.

If you have any interest and money in your hand, then invest it in real estate which gives you a massive return in coming years.

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Gain Higher Education

Proper education with sound knowledge can help you to earn huge salary that makes you rich. To gain knowledge, you have to spend lots of time in it. Whenever you become qualified and get higher education, you can utilize it in your area to become a good competitor of that field.

Before selecting any field profession, check all details such about that such average salary, future scope etc. If you choose a wrong option as profession, it will lessen your chance to become rich in India. You should also research about the location of job where it is suitable to earn money.

If you choose your profession as dietitian, then location does matter. Big cities are better option for this type of profession as they are much concern about their diet. On the other hand, small cities are not a good option.

Appear interviews as much as you can and join the best option among them. After getting proper placement, gain proper knowledge and experience which will help you to get higher salary. After sufficient experience, you can switch to the other company to earn much money and become rich.

Email Marketing

People interested in internet is a very good option for them to earn money online. Though email marketing, one can make money by achieving certain milestone.

You have to get proper knowledge and make plan before starting email marketing. Make sure that people have subscribed and directly choose you. If it is not so, then it will not be good for your marketing.

The more people will subscribe or follow you the better will be your result that will bring success for you. You will earn more with the increase of number of followers.

Try Shows like “KBC”

This type of shows is all about knowledge. If you want to earn money in a very short time and you have sufficient knowledge of various subjects, then platform like KBC is a good option for you. This shows provide you the opportunity to make money even in just few hours. There are two factors that plays very important role in this shows are knowledge and luck.

Many people from low and middle class make money in this platform and become rich and change their lifestyle totally. So, if you think that you have the capability to win this type of shows, then go for it without wasting time. This is a risk-free platform and no chance of any kind of loss, in case you lose this game. It is your education and knowledge that pays you back in the form of money.

Introduce New Ideas

This is a very good option and is applicable almost in every sectors. For this, you have the creative mind and good presence of mind.

If you bring some new ideas that are in demand among people, then can be your obstacle to become rich. Not only good ideas make you rich but also you have to solve various problems exist in the life of people through your ideas.

Earlier, many people who have no good financial background make lots of money by solving different types of issues. As for example, we can say that Graham Bell invented telephone which makes our communication very easy.

Larry Page & Sergey Brin launched Google, Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook and many other persons who become millionaire by introducing new ideas to the common people and make it further advance.

It is not that you always have to think about large ideas, small ideas can make great impact and give you a huge return such as food truck, renting clothes, healthy online tiffin services and many other innovative ideas. If you have any kind of idea, then don’t it as useless as it may turn as great idea in future and help you to become rich.

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Food Trucks

In few years ago, Indian did not consider this as profitable idea. In U.S, many people earn lots of money and become rich with this idea in the last 200 years. In India, you need to invest very small amount to start this within the range Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 900,000.

They earn a good return through various ways. One can operate this type of business by themselves. There are specific areas where the demand of this type of services is high such as beaches, business districts, crowded markets, throughout day and evenings. In this business, you require comparatively fewer licenses than a restaurant.

If your idea is to run a legit food truck, then you need permits and licenses issued by local government authorities and also need permission from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). You can modify this business of your own to attract more people.

Train, Bus, Air Reservations

In few years ago, reservation of train, bus, and airline seats were totally under the travel agents. But, now with the advancement of technology and creation of apps by Indian Railways, various state owned road transport corporations and airlines, it is become easy for anyone to book their seats from anywhere and anytime. So, having smartphone or computer with internet facility can now able to provide services of this kind.

Many common people like migrant workers, willing to enter luxurious travel agency offices or be a part of long queues for the reservation of tickets readily pay some extra money to get a conformed seat. If you can avail this services easily to the people, then will be useful for them and you can earn money through it.

You can operate this even from your home if you want to do so or you can rent a space for that purpose. To make payments, you can use your credit/ debit card or net banking facility.

As this is a very demanding business idea and have chance to earn much money in a very short period of time. There are many example where a travel agent become rich by earing lot of money within a short period.

Natural and Organic Products

In recent time, all over the world, it has become a trend to use organic and natural products. Products that are made and grown under the natural environment and are free of any chemical substances, people like them to eat and use that kind of products. People wants to use this type of product but they don’t have much time to involve this type of operations.

You must loft this opportunity and prepare products with the help of natural substances which is helpful to maintain their beauty along with good health. It is very popular among people not only to become beautiful but also to make their skin bright and side-effect free.

If you research the market, then you can observe that the demand of this natural products is very high and the supply is not as per the requirement. So, if you can supply these products to the needy person that will be a very profitable to you and can earn huge money from this business. Initially, target those areas that have huge demand of this products and then shift it towards less demanded areas and make them aware of the benefits of this natural and organic products.

Nowadays, everyone is conscious about their health, skin quality, skin tone i.e. internal health as well as external outlook. The natural and organic products make it possible to do so and people in India rely on these products very much. This is one of the simple and easiest way to get rich in India.

Recycling Business

Idea to earn money from waste products will be a good initiative and definitely it’s a way to become rich as the demand of this business is very high in present scenario. Having knowledge to recycle metal, paper, and plastic are in much demanded in India.

If you have some unique, cheap and effective idea to recycle the waste products, then it will be a good opportunity that help you to earn money and become rich in India. Don’t take anything as useless because a thing may be useless for a person but the same thing may be very useful for the other person.

In recent years, government of India launches many programmes and campaigns to aware people as they are not using plastic or proper plastic disposal, so this may the start of your business. You may start making eco-friendly bags that are easy to use and not harmful to the environment as people loving to use this type of bags.

Many store focus to sell eco-friendly jute bags or paper bags, so it is a good idea to start a business to supply products to fulfil their demand. So, it is a good business idea to launch a business with low investment.

As for example, a person in Kerala started a unique business of straw that is made up of bamboos replacing plastic materials. Many people take inspiration from this idea and start preparing straws from bamboos. So, this type of unique idea can change your life as well as your financial condition.

Government provide loans, technical training under various government schemes, and offer subsidies to the intended people.

Food processing

India is a very vast country and there is no proper infrastructure to handle and logistics account. For this reason, approximately 40% of grains, fruits and vegetables which is known as raw food become wasted.

Government of India has started many initiatives like Food Parks. In this Food Parks, investors can make investment to start a processing unit to stop huge food waste.

Indian government provide proper technical training and allot financial assistance in the form of loan with low interest to encourage people to invest in this kind of business.

With the technological advancement, the demand of canned, dehydrated and frozen food is growing day by day. This is the demanding business and lots of scope to earn money that makes you rich within very small time.

Start Your Own Business

If you research about the top 10 richest person in the world, you can see that none of them is an employee of any organization but a businessman. So, if your intention is to become rich and wants to expand, grow and become famous, then don’t need to join any organization as an employee.

Hence, create new idea and plan a business. Before, taking any initiative regarding your business, make a proper research, consider all the advantages and disadvantages that you may face during the establishment of the business and thereafter.

You will be a boss of your own business and can work according to your own plan. This is possible only if you launch your own venture & not working under any organization. You can able to earn a decent amount and that need commitment, focused & attentive in the business.

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Taxi fleet owner

Cab aggregator is one of the unique way to make money in India. In the last few years, cab aggregator has now become a profitable business for the car owners who leases their car as taxis.

In all the metro cities in India, there is a demand of passenger vehicles in which one or more person can be accommodate along with driver to use as a taxi.

You can lease your car with a fixed amount per day or monthly basis along with some percentage of profit. You will get a guaranteed fixed amount at the end of the day or month.

If you have a good number of vehicles, then you will get a good return from this business easily with less risk which is a path to become rich in India.


This article will surely encourage you and provide lot of ideas that make you rich in India. To become rich in India, you don’t need to have much money but to utilize the fund you have and invest it in proper way.

It is very essential to be committed, hard work and grit to get success in any business. In every sector, you have to take risk and utilize the opportunities when it comes.

Depending on the situation and other parameter, you can choose the suitable one that brings you lot of return and help to become rich. For more article like this you can visit careermite for regular basis. Also, you can follow us on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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