How to Crack Aptitude Test? Complete Guide

Most of the companies or organizations takes an aptitude test to filter out the fresher’s candidates. This is the first round of any campus placement. The mode of this aptitude test may be online or offline.

Types of questions asked in this is objective type question. Preparation for this exam is not difficult as it is considered. If you practice it regularly, then you can it easily.

Aptitude Test

Steps to crack Aptitude Test

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Topics to be Covered

Aptitude test is conducted to check your basic concepts as well as cognitive capacity. Through this exam, your skills are tested.

  • Numerical Reasoning: Questions are mainly related statistics, charts, graphs and figures etc.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Through verbal reasoning, your ability to understand and logical work with the help of your concepts. In this test, a text is given and you have to extract the meaning, information and implications within it.
  • Diagrammatic Test: a sequence of shapes, patterns and sometimes numbers are asked to analyze to test your ability how you figure out the rules in the given sequence and identify the correct answer.
  • Situational Judgment Test: In this section, the test is based on psychological situations that are regularly involved in work-place.
  • Inductive Reasoning: Questions are based on logical thinking which you can solve with the help of observations and experiential information.
  • Cognitive ability: In cognitive ability test, to understand situations, reasoning, follow activities which are in series and be attentive to solve successfully with the use of your mental ability.
  • Mechanical Reasoning Tests: Here, your ability is tested how you apply different mechanical principals for technical positions and measures to solve problems.
  • In-tray exercises: Mainly business-related questions are asked to evaluate employee’s potentiality.

Tips for Aptitude Test

  • Attempt Online Aptitude Test: You have to practice a lot to perform well in online tests within the scheduled time. Online practice tests give you confidence to do better in online aptitude test.
  • Needed Tools: Most of the organizations or companies do not allow calculator as they want the candidates to solve questions yourself. If calculator is allowed, then take a good quality calculator. You can carry enough rough sheets to do rough work. You should also carry black/blue pens, pencils, eraser, sharpeners and a wrist watch. Check all the instruments so that you can use these smoothly during exam time.
  • Attempt Mock Tests: Before facing any aptitude test on your campus placement, you must be prepared yourself very well and attempt lots of mock tests. When you have practice so many questions, automatically your confidence will be very high before appearing in the campus placement.
  • Collect more information through internet: It is a good habit to search about different types of aptitude test and collect more and more types of questions asked in various exam. Contact with seniors or experienced person so that you can get idea about the level of examination. Keep in mind that you have attempt the mock tests online.
  • Stay Relaxed While Practicing: Aptitude test is the key of your job life. So, be serious about your study. While studying or practicing any topic, be attentive and understand the topic clearly. Learn each and every formula and build strong concept on that topic.
  • Be sure about level of Practice sets: At first check the practice set that whether it follows exam pattern you are preparing. Get previous years question papers and compare it with the practice sets. Give more emphasis on aptitude section and practice more questions to have more clear understanding.
  • Time Management: Time management is one of the key things for every exam and the same is applicable for aptitude test. While you are attending or practicing mock tests, check time you are taking to complete question paper or for a single question.
  • Be Familiar with all the figures: There are some section that are comparatively difficult such as graphs, tables and pie charts. As these are not easy to score, so practice lots of questions carefully and build concept.
  • For rough work get sheets and paper: There are some aptitude tests that are conducted online but majority of them depends on offline platform. Whichever may be the mode, you must make a habit of doing solutions on pen and paper. It should be legible and on an A4 paper as some of the company consider this calculation as part of your solution.
  • Get Feedback: It is a very crucial point for your preparation. Whenever you attempt any mock test or any exam get the result and do a detailed analysis so that you can understand your faults. Don’t detached from the HR of the company, if any kind of delay happened.
  • Bring Calculator: Take a good quality engineering calculator, organizer allowed you to do so. But be careful, you may not allow to carry your mobile phone into the examination hall. So, try to take calculator that is comfortable for you.

Some Points to be avoided at the time of aptitude test

  • Do not use substitute person for your aptitude test: Whenever you attend an aptitude test do not allow your friend to sit for the test instead. The company will blacklist you so that you will be not allowed in the future in any exams for this type of illegal activity. Be honest and stay away from any type of malpractices at the time of aptitude test. These tests are like an assessment though you flunked and will be benefited for you in the upcoming aptitude tests. Be familiar and make yourself comfortable with tricks and skills to achieve your goal.
  • Don’t waste time in any question: Don’t waste much time on any question if you stuck on that question. It will consume much time and you will be unable to solve questions within the scheduled time. Move on to the next question if this type of situation appear and return to it after completing the remaining questions. Here, your skill to manage time is also tested.
  • Don’t guess Haphazardly: Your speed and accuracy combinedly decide scores of the aptitude test. Don’t answer hurriedly and make haphazard guesses to complete the test. Attempt questions with a balanced speed. Provide a fixed time for each question.
  • Avoid Procrastinating: If it seems that question will take some time, then move on to the next question and mark it to attempt later. If you have sufficient time in your hand, then try it later. There are some questions that are really consuming a little bit longer time. Solve all the easy questions first and then try the tougher one.
  • Don’t be tensed after the exam: Don’t involve any kind of discussion with your friends after the test. Stay positive of what you have done in the aptitude test. If you want to check your progress then wait for the result.

According to the cognitive ability aptitude tests are categorized as Fluid Intelligence and Crystallized Intelligence.

Fluid Intelligence

These are the types of questions that are needed deliberate and effective thinking to answer. As these requires smart thinking, this technique is popularly known as ‘quickly think on your feet’.

Through this questions organizer wants to check some skills as:

  • Effectiveness in solving any question.
  • Ability to learn new skills quickly.
  • Ability to make decisions.
  • Capability to deal with different situations.

Questions asked in this group are:

  • Conceptual aptitude problems
  •  Diagrammatic reasoning
  •  Inductive problems
  •  Logical reasoning questions
  • Abstract problems

Tips to be followed

  • You should complete the nonverbal questions within the allotted time.
  • Try to solve each question in 30 minutes.
  • Difficulty level of these questions are decided in such a way that approximately 1-5% of the candidates are able to solve the questions successfully.
  • You have to answer the correct one among multiple choice answers.
  • Follow logical rules to answer these questions.
  • Apply rules in this questions in subsequent or odd-one-out’ shape.

Crystallized Intelligence

You can answer these questions with your past experiences. Here, work-related questions are asked in most of the cases such as produce and analyze the written reports or other different conditions.

In this section questions are asked from Verbal aptitude tests, Numerical aptitude tests, Spatial aptitude tests, Mechanical reasoning tests.

Tips to Crack this Section

  • You have to answer the questions within in the allotted time.
  • Choose one correct answer from the given options.
  • From the given information like statements, tables or graphs, you have to extract and analyze to answer correctly.

Last minute Preparation Tips

  • The first thing you need to do is to arrange all the study materials in correct order.
  • Revise the notes topic-wise, specially important formulas and tricks.
  • Do through revise of important section and do practice of topics such as number systems, HCF and LCM, time and work, averages, percentages, profit and loss, time and distance. These topics are very important for every aptitude test that you will face in future so be conscious about it.
  • Most of the people makes this mistake and doesn’t sleep enough. Don’t try to learn any new things at this time. Give maximum of 2-3 hours only and have some light meal at night. Try to avoid net surfing or any kind of other activities.
  • Make sure that you have taken all the necessary materials required during aptitude test.

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We have prepared a study plan and discussed it thoroughly that makes you comfortable during preparation as well as in the aptitude test. Hope, this article will help you a lot and all the best for your preparation.

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