How to Improve English Writing Skills?

Step by Step Guide to Improve English Writing Skills: Writing is a special skill through which anyone can express their opinion, suggestion, ideas, feeling and many other things.

Learning English language with correct grammatical expression is not so difficult as they feel. We have prepared a list of points that will help you to Improve writing skills.

English Writing Skills

To become a good writer, you have to do a lot of practice and you are in the habit of doing so.

If you think yourself, then you can realize that you are practicing a lot of English writing such as writing message, emails, various posts on social media, updating resume and LinkedIn profile, preparing reports, presentations, newsletter and many more.

As you know that you are practicing a lot regularly, now you just to be careful about certain things that will make your writing more meaningful and attractive with correct grammar.

Most of the people who are not in touch with regular writhing is intimidating. But keep in mind that you don’t need to be agonizing while writing and you can be a good writer by following some points.

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10 Easy Steps to Improve English Writing Skills

Through some points, we are provided a guideline that will make easy for you to write comfortably.

1. Focus on the Basics

Clear understanding of basic is very important for writing a good content. So, before start writing, understand the basic principle of English grammar.

To brush up the basic, you don’t need to take or join any kind of coaching instead you need to clear basic understanding up to intermediate.

Every writer must have some grammar book in their study room which is a valuable source of learning grammar and other required tips that is needed to write correctly.

To get any other books on grammar you get it online or from your local book stalls.

2. Take writing as your Job

Practice is the best way to do better performance in field and also in case of writing also this rule is applicable.

When you do practice grammar that will change your writing skills overnight which many good writer, practicing for a long time are unable to achieve. It is true that writing is difficult when we consider SEO and how to increase traffic.

When you start writing on a regular basis, it not only gives you confidence but also encourage to have some unique writing. Though, your writing is not read by many people, continue writing which will make your content perfect.

3. Take Reading as Your Job

The sign of a good writer is also a good reader. If your intention is to improve writing, then start reading regularly. You can read different newspapers, blogs, writings and other study materials.

After completing simple content, expand your range to more tough materials and be careful about sentence structure, word selection, and how the flow of the topic goes.

When you study more topics, then your concepts will be developed which reflects in your writing with less mistakes.

4. Practice Writing with Partner

If you are working in a large size company, then it is obvious that you will find a person who is also want to improve his/her English writing skills.

Though, it is considered that writing is an activity of solitary, good writers has the knowledge when feedback is needed of their writing.

Co-workers may an important role in finding your mistakes when you will ask them to have a look on your writing. It is one of the best way to improve your English writing skills.

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5. Be a Member of Workshop or Night Class

Most of the people hesitate to join this kind of workshop thinking they can’t be able to stand in front of the strangers and express their views, but this is a good idea to join a writing workshop will be very much beneficial and you can have a lot of fun working there.

You don’t need to hesitate and worry to join writing workshops or night classes. Nowadays, content marketing become very popular & develop a popular professional groups to meet the requirements.

You can join any one content marketing groups that are available on LinkedIn to get touch of like-minded writers or can search writing workshop nearby like Meetup.

Prepare a writing about any topic, represent the writing in front of them and feedback from them. If found any mistake, then replace it with better content.

6. Analyze your Admired Writing

Many people follow the same blog or sites regularly as they find it interesting and easy to understand. But most of the people unable to understand why the writings are attractive to them.

Get some recent topics which you have like and have their print out. The next thing you need to do is to analysis the whole topic and point out the things you liked such as specific sentence, phrases, idioms, even the whole paragraph.

Observe the transition of subjects from one to another done by the writers and apply these techniques in your writing.

7. Follow the Writes You Admire

Before proceed further, we want to clear that imitation and plagiarism is different things. As you are following list of blogs, in the same way you are following the same writer regularly.

Identify the part which is interesting to you and use it in your English writing to improve it. Also follow the techniques how they spice up the dry topics.

When you will follow any writer but may fail to imitate them. But don’t worry, if you unable to imitate them, try your own style but keep reading their work that will definitely helpful for your writing.

8. Do Edit your Writing

With the passage of time, you will feel confident in writing any content. Now, you are in the stage of where you can criticize yourself. For the writers who are beginner, very difficult edit their writing as they put much emphasis on their writing.

Many writing materials are rewriting where an experienced editor do their job well.

Make a habit of avoiding extraneous words. Resist yourself from writing any unnecessary sentence that is out of context. Be cruel on your writing which you will get in your writing.

9. Avoid Unnecessary Words

It is one of the most common mistake made by beginner writer and use more complex sentences to sound more attractive.

It should be kept in mind that sometime shorter sentences also have much impact than longer. Unnecessary worlds make the sentence irrelevant and the reader may feel boring while reading your writing. This process will greatly help to improve your writing.

10. Reflect your Personality into your Writing

Write in such a way that your personality may reflect in your writing. Try to use phrases and slang in your writing that you normally use in your writing.

When suitable write your own relevant experience in the writing. But the best part of any writing is to write your own thought in your own manner.


We have discussed some tips that will help you improve your writing but the main thing is to practice more and more. Nothing but practice can make your writing valuable and full of good sense of humor.

Read all the writing you have done which will ultimately help you to become expert in English writing skills.

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