How to Improve Your English Vocabulary?

Step by Step Guide to Improve English Vocabulary: Vocabulary is nothing but memorizing as many English words as possible. It is very important for anyone to improve English writing and use new words in your writing.

It is considered that English is the voluminous language among all the language so keep learning new words regularly.

English Vocabulary

The writing may be of any kind, it. Spending time in improving vocabulary means you are investing your time for better writing skills.

Importance of Vocabulary in Writing

As vocabulary needed for speaking, in case of writing also, you must have a strong vocabulary to use standard words in suitable places. For a precise writing, whether your writing about action or descriptive type, a compact vocabulary will help you.

The more expand your vocabulary, the more easy will be for you to explain various things, emotion, ideas, and opinions.

There is a popular word for a writer, if you hone your vocabulary skills, as “painting with words”.

You have a strong vocabulary words if you are able to recall and use those words when required. It will be a valuable for you only when, you are able to use this new words in your writing correctly.

If you take suggestions from a published author regarding writing, then, they will tell you to use common words correctly rather than other complex words. If you have strong vocabulary word collection, then you can have extra and use common and complex words equally.

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10 Best Steps to improve your Vocabulary

After passing academic years, most of the people are not interested to learn more vocabulary. You can start building your vocabulary whenever you want. Here, we will discuss about some tips that will help you to improve your vocabulary collection.

1. Make a Habit of Reading

It will be easier for you to improve your vocabulary, if you have a habit of reading. When you go through various novels, newspaper, magazines, books, journals, automatically a lot of new vocabulary words will be added to your vocabulary list. Along with learning new words, you must also how they will be used.

2. Use dictionary

Use of dictionary is very helpful, if you use this kind of resources properly. You will get to know better synonym of words in respect of what you are using in your writing.

It will also act as a source of antonyms where you are also able to learn root words and other related words that acts as the other way to add new vocabulary words.

3. Spend time on word games

There are lots of classic games that are available in Google Play Store such as Scrabble and Boggle that can be a funny way to enrich your English vocabulary. You can also use Crossword puzzles as a source.

If you follow various rounds this game seriously, then you will find it is worth playing and is a good source of vocabulary collection. Prepare a list of the newly added words you have learned during playing this games and revise it on regular basis.

4. Use Flashcards

Very often, a number of people use flashcards to learn words to prepare strong vocabulary collection quickly. In recent digital era, it becomes very easy and convenient to recognize flashcards with the help of smartphone apps.

If you have a plan to learn single new word a day, then it is adequate than learning lots of work.

5. Get notifications of “word of the day”

There are some web platforms which provides the facility of “word of the day” through a website, an app, or via email to enrich your collection of new vocabulary words. Note it down to your existing vocabulary word list.

6. Mnemonics

To remember definition of words and various use of these words, a mnemonics system which is a form of association of words is used. For example, soliloquy, meaning of this is “the act of talking to oneself”.

When we break down this word will get components are ‘soli’ means single/alone and ‘loquy’ whose root from is ‘loqua’ meaning speech.

So, this is the trick to remember the meaning of a word soliloquy as “his scenes play more as brief soliloquies”.

7. Use your words in conversation

If you have a huge collection of vocabulary words doesn’t mean that you are good in English. When you add any word in your vocabulary list, you must have the art of using these words in your conversation as well as in writing.

If you do practice in your everyday life, then you will get to know different aspects of the word. Practice makes you to these words in proper places as well as in suitable situation.

8. Watching TV and movies

It is one of the popular way to learn new vocabulary words. It is very much similar to reading books. Here, you can also get a visual gesture as well as correct pronunciation of the word. The combination of listening and reading of words in this source provides you the detail explanation of the word.

9. Listening

Listening have an important role to improve your vocabulary collection. As we start learning our first word by listening in our childhood and gradually can able to speak. You can improve your English vocabulary by listening from various sources such as by listening music, programs, and events.

Listen your favorite genre music and follow new words and their use. When you attend any event or virtual events like sport matches, exhibitions be attentive for new vocabulary words.

10. Make corrections of your writing

After completing your own writing, be an editor of yourself and have a look on what you have written. Try to find out the words that are misused and non-scripted.

In this process, you are able to identify errors in writing and also beneficial for the improvement of tone, sentence structure, explanation and clarity of content by using new vocabulary words from your vocabulary list.

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Hopefully, the above mentioned points will help you to build a good collection of vocabulary words. You can develop this skill by your own to improve your vocabulary collection. After maintaining all given suggestion above for a long time, you will find yourself in a good condition than before.

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