Importance of Education in Our Life

Importance of Education: Education is an essential part of our life and one of the main pillar to build our professional life. When we hear the word ‘Education’, the meaning comes our mind is getting knowledge of something.

Through education you can get different kinds of knowledge, techniques, skills, information which will help you to know how to behave towards your family, society and also responsibilities regarding your nation.

Importance of Education

Education will give you ideas how to think about your surroundings and rest of the world. It will enable you to analyze different matter and make strong resistant to injustice, violence, corruption and other matters which are harmful to our society.

We get knowledge about world from education. It changes our way of thinking about our life. To make evaluation of our nation, education is the key element. You will not be able to explore new ideas without education. In a word we can say, nothing can be developed such as family, society, nation and world without education.

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Importance of Education

The modern era is fully advanced and industrialized and to survive in this competitive situation education plays a vital role. Everyone in our life dreamt of high level of living standards and only knowledge can help you to get that.

Education and its features

Education is acted like a weapon in our life. It helps us to implement different obstacles of our society.

1. Eradicate Poverty

To eradicate property, people should be educated. You will get a job after completing your education and you will be able to fulfill your basic needs of your family.

2. Conscious about Crime

An educated person is taught to know about the good and bad things of society. They are not intended to be part of domestic violence and other activities which are harmful to our society. They always maintained good relationship with other people.

3. Maintain Peace and Harmony

When people of our society will be educated then they will understand the different social and cultural activities. They will take active participation in various social and educational activities. They will help others to be educated and maintain peace and harmony in our life.

4. Growth of Commerce and Trade

Education is not only about only taking knowledge & got a degree. If people of the country is educated and have concepts of commerce and trade. They can take active participation in business that will help to grow economy. This will directly improve their living of standard.

5. Maintain Law and Order

Through education you will be able to know the rules and regulations. You can join different posts which will give you a chance to serve the country. You can aware the people of the country about different malpractices and reform it.

6. Women Upliftment

Education makes women self-dependent and empower them. They learn about different customs and evil practices such as widow remarriage, Sati Pratha, Child Marriage, Dowry System etc. and aware about it. They will get knowledge about laws and can raise their voices where injustice is done to her or others. They can take participation in the development of society as well as nation.

We can say if women become educated then the future of next generation will be brighter.

7. Develop Economically Weaker Section

Education is a weapon that can changed the scenario of the world. It plays an important role for the development of society. Most of the illiterate people deprived due to discrimination, Untouchability and injustice.

Educated person can lead and uplift the economically weaker section of the society.

8. Improve Communication

Education and communication is largely dependent on each other. An educated person can communicate with other people easily and in a better way. During educational life, a person learns different communication skills like speech, body language, attitude etc.

An educated person can communicate with the large people & deliver speeches confidently.

They can able to write email, letter which are the medium of communication.

Impact of Education in Society

Through education people of society will get to know important information such as different basic facts, skills, cultural activities, values and ethics.

The most important fact to be educated is that it helps to improve the standard of living and uplift the value of society. Education directly removed poverty and enable person to contribute to develop the country.

Create a Better Society

An educated person has better understanding about moral and ethical values than an uneducated person.

An uneducated person has more belief in superstition, easily involved in domestic violence, lack of knowledge about health care and possess a poor living of standard. An educated person, be it woman, man or poor are able to form a better society and without education it is nearly impossible.

Education a Pillar of our Society

Education is a major part to form a good society. If education is not taken seriously or ignored then it may cause several problems in our society such as poor health, lack of peace among them, worst living standard. Education can help to overcome these problems and find an appropriate solution.

Through education people are able to realize their own value and come forward. Become a pioneer and formed one of the most important pillar of our society.

Helps in Creativity and Innovation

The first step towards innovation and creativity is education. Education help person to learn how to operate different technologies and skills and use it to find solution of their problems.

Help to Become a Better Person

Education enlightened a person’s life with knowledge, values and ethics. Their point of view regarding surrounding, society and world become change. Proper education help person to develop good ethical values. So, we can say education help to become a better person.

Education Enable to Read and Write

Without education, a man is like a blind. A person learns the skills of reading and writing. Writing is the medium of communication that is followed by the most of the people. A person who is able to read and write is known as literate person. They are able to read books, newspaper, different signs and symbols.

At different places such as at shops, buses, trains, rail stations, Air ports, school organizations etc. Where something is written they can read and understand.

In modern era, digitalization is preferred and different activities like money transactions, online shopping, banking recharge, etc. Where education is important to do such kind of activities.

Become Responsible

A society become better if the person live in it are educated. An educated person knows how to make society a better place and what are the requirements of it. Commitment of an educated person is useful for a society to develop in a better way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does education help society?

Ans: Education helps people to be skilled in different fields, which will help at the time of getting a job.

Q2. How to get employment through education?

Ans: Education helps us to understand different aspects of our lives that will help to build a healthy society.

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