Important Questions and Answers for Interview

Interview is the final phase of any recruitment process. In interview many tricky questions as well as simple questions are asked but candidates get confused and they remain either silent or deliver wrong answer.

In this article, we shall discuss 25 popular and important questions and answers for interview.

Important Questions and Answers

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25 Important Questions and Answers for Interview

1. Tell me about yourself

This is the most asked question in interview and probably it may be the first question of your interview. You must prepare for this question and practice this in front of the mirror regularly.

If your answer of this question is very good, then it will make positive impact about you to the interviewer. If you hesitate or stop in the middle of your answer, then your chance will be less.

First of all, tell your name, qualifications and then your experiences. After that you must mention some qualities you have which is related to your job profile. Then mention your hobbies, interest and achievements. Answer this question confidently with smile on your face.

2. What is your Strength?

This is one of the most asked question in most of the job interview. You can expect this kind of questions.

When you are asked about your strength it is important to discuss attributes that will qualify you for the job. Which means that mental think which correlate with the job profile The way to response is to describe skills and experiences that directly correlate with the job you are applying for.

For an example you can start like this, when you are working on a project you not only try to complete the task in time but also you prefer to finish the project well ahead of the schedule. You can also explain of your own example.

3. What are the weakness you have?

Whenever you will answer of this question, try to show that your weakness is longer your weakness. Do not describe anything that makes any negative sense to interviewer but give some example you found as your weakness and now you comfortable with it.

For example, you used to unable to complete your assignment in due dates in your school days. You worked hard on it and learn how to manage time to complete work in time. Now, you can work on deadlines. There are some clients who want the work to be done on last time. Now you have overcome your problem and get your work done on time.

4. Why should I hire You?

Whenever you are facing this type of questions, you should keep in your mind two rules. Rule 1 – Do not sound like scripted. You should sound very natural. Rule 2 – Your reaction should not be like you were ready for this question. Do not be glad and excited that you know the answer of this question. Just speak, stay calm and relaxed and answer appropriately.

It is a very important question that why should I hire you? The answer of this question can led to the wrong direction if you look confused and say something wrong. Because, this is a straight forward question and one must be ready for it. Say something that seems you are out of the crowd.

First of all, you thanked them for asking this question and then make sure that you are highlighting the best thought you have. You can say as many things as you can but don’t forgot to give one or two unique points.

5. What attracts you towards our company?

By asking this type of questions they wanted to know what attracts you to them and that define your personality, your intention, your success and a lot. The basic part is that, of course you want a job, a good salary, incentive, promotion etc. but you cannot answer this question mentioning these even if these are the reason you want to join.

Think beyond money, connect your personality with the company and find something that connects you with the company and also with your intention, why you want to join the company.

Do not give a generic answer. You can start your answer with ‘Always I wanted to work in a company where’..(point out company’s quality, vision, achievement etc.) at the end you can say if you are a fresher that I want to share my skills and improve it.

If you are an experienced, then you can say ‘It will be my pleasure to share my experience with this company’.

6. Describe Your Current Job Profile.

Most of the people are not prepared for this question as they thought they have mentioned it in CV. But you should have to prepared for this question. To answer this question, start with your job title, then tell your job responsibilities, followed by the results you get.

It should be like this – ‘I work as… (Your Position)’, ‘My key responsibilities are…’, ‘resulting in…’.

For example, suppose you are working as a sells trainer – ‘I work as a sells trainer. My key responsibility is to motivate and teach advance selling skills to the employees which results high sell. You can also mention how long you have been in that position.

In the end, you can say ‘I love working as… (mention your position) because… (highlight that points which match with your current job interview).

7. What are your Hobbies and Interests

It is a very common question that asked in most of the interview and you must prepare for that.

There are few things you have to keep it in your mind such as (i) Why is this question asked? (ii) Two types of hobbies you should never mention. (iii) What kind of hobbies you should mention? (iv) How to choose your best hobbies? We will discuss it one by one. Out of many candidates for interview and they are trying to find out who stand out among them. There are two types of hobbies you should never mention.

First, if you have hobby of something you are trying to make career of. Second, any hobby that is considered negative according to your job profile. You should mention hobbies that matches with your job.

For example, traveling if your job involves traveling, making new friends, love to talked to different kinds of people etc. First of all, list out all hobbies you have even you did it for very short time. Now pick up that hobbies which match your job profile and the company you are interview for.

8. What is your Salary expectation?

When you are talking about salary, do not be shy because it is one of the most important part of job interview.

First of all, check standard of industry and how much they are paying for a particular job profile and next consider your own skills and experience.

Tell them that your main priority is to join the company and add value to the company. Asked them how much will they offer you and also tell them it is negotiable.

If the salary offered to you is less, don’t accept it, do negotiate and remind them why you are fit for this job.

9. Why did you leave your first job?

You should prepare for this question in advance. They asked this question mainly to know (i) Did you leave for a good reason? (ii) Did you leave voluntarily or asked to leave? (iii) Did you leave on good terms? (iv) Are you a stable employee or changed frequently? Never talked bad about your previous company or boss.

10. What would you do if an employee is not performing?

This question is asked to check maintenance skill. A team leader is also a mentor. You must realize them that you have mentoring skills. You should tell them that you will try to find out if it is because of skill issue or a will issue. Once you get to know the reason then prepare an action plan accordingly.

11. What will you do if there is a disagreement in your team?

They want to know about your problem solving skills and how will you handle this situation. You must accept that there is always disagreement in a team regarding different thinking. Arrange a discussion among them so that they can understand each other point of view. Negotiate and tell them why this is better without hurting anyone.

12. How would your Colleagues and team describe You?

Through this question, specially they want to know, how you are as a team leader. Be honest and tell the positive part about your personality.

13. Explain a Project you lead your team to Success.

Prepare yourself with your true success story. While give answer of this question, tell how your leadership skills helps you to achieve success. You may also tell that to do this, you did extraordinary and also do overtime etc. Then your project become successful.

14. How did you get others to accept your ideas?

This is question is asked mainly to know that being a team leader, sometime you have to tell what you are going to do next. Tell them the benefits of the idea and how to applied. It should not be like you are commanding them.

15. What do you think about your upcoming five years?

Interviewers wants to know about your short term or long term goals. They are also looking at how committed you are for this company. You should tell that from now you would like to be in a management position and till then you want to gain skills and experience to become a manager.

16. What is your thinking regarding our Company?

They want to know that whether you are serious about this job or not. Do research and learn positive attributes, products, services, history etc. about the company.

17. How well do you handle change?

The main philosophy that lies behind interviewer’s intention is, are you flexible with the changes company did. Tell them how you handle this type of situation in the previous company when you are boss quit the job and new boss came with new strategy. You are flexible with this type of situation.

18. Do you work well under Pressure?

They want to know that you are getting stressed, tensed or panic under pressure or not. Because company expect you to take more responsibility and workload. Tell them your past experience regarding this.

19. How do you make important decision?

When company hires you for higher position or management posts then they may ask you this question. You can say that handling decision is definitely a difficult but you can assure them that you can do it with your work experience. And surely this will help you to overcome this type of situation.

20. What would you do if you didn’t get on with someone in your team?

You should tackle this type of situation with a positive attitude and resolve the conflict as soon as possible. Remember them, rather than any conflict, the employees have much importance to you.

If you are unable to sort it out, then act with professionalism and for the sake of the team do all the things you could do to get on with that person.

21. When have you worked as part of a team?

Through this question, they wanted to know about personality and behavioral attitudes towards your teammates. You can say that you listen your team members view. You work hard as much possible as you can. Also support other team members whenever possible. And finally your efforts converted into success.

22. What did you dislike in your previous job?

Don’t say or mention that you didn’t like your manager or colleagues or any other team member. You can say there was nothing to dislike but sometime my employers looked lack of ambitious and felt slightly frustration because it seems they could have achieved much more. I am a very positive and enthusiastic person and will be glad if they would be more ambitious in future.

23. What are the three things your last boss would say about you?

First of all, you can say when there was any project you were the first choice as you were reliable, trustworthy and get the work done to the right standard within a scheduled time.

Secondly, your working skills and standard of work sets benchmark for other employees to follow. Thirdly, your positive and hardworking nature makes you special and she/he was sure that the work will be done properly.

24. Explain the gaps in your employment history?

Don’t give any fake answer and be honest as being honest is a special attractive quality of any employees.

You can say that in between the gap you have improved your skills and now you are a much better and focused for your experience.

25. What motivates you?

This type of question is very easy and you can say there are many things that motivates you but out of which three things that motivates you more. Firstly, doing a great job for employer. Secondly, continuously improving my skills regarding my role in job. Thirdly, when I am able to contribute continuously and added value to the company.

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