Unique Career Options in India 2023

Job is an important part of our life and the journey of it started from our childhood. We are very much afraid about our career. After a certain time in our life, we start thinking what to do or not.

If we look back a decade ago, it was not a big deal to choose your career and most of them choose career as Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer or otherwise prepare for Govt jobs.

Recent days, a lot of changes has happened with the advancement of technology. Through internet many opportunities have been explore as career that does not require formal qualification. If you have potential in it then you can your career on that.

We have mention and discuss about some unique career options that will be coming in near future in India.

List of Top 12 Unique Career Options

1. Chef

Chef is one of the preferred career option in India. Currently, many food-based shows such as Top Chef, Highway on My Plate, Turban Tadka and Masterchef etc. which are getting popular and become a path to pursue career.

On the other hand, the culinary arts have now become a lucrative & demanded career option through which talented chefs can be famous and get money.

To become experienced & expert in cooking, you need to have two basic requirements, love and passion for food and cooking. As a training, you should have knowledge about recipes, nutritional values, health, hygiene is important but not compulsory.

Therefore, if you have passion to explore your culinary arts and wanted to represent it in a better way then this may be the starting of your career.

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2. Mountaineer

If you are a person who likes to go outdoor and participate in different activities like treks, hikes and overnight camping etc. in mountains along with your friends, if you love to take breathe fresh air in the mountains and experienced the nature’s beauty then you can choose your career as mountaineering.

And of course, you will get decent amount of money when your love, passion and knowledge about mountains become a source of income.

For those who are very much interested about mountaineering then there are various career options in your hands such as a professional mountain trek and/or climbing guide, assisting professional climbers or you can start your own outdoor sports agency.

In the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal various institutions offers certificates recognized by university who are serious about their career as a mountaineer.

3. Ethical Hacker

It is one of the much demanded field, also known as penetration testing or intrusion testing where pinpoint loopholes in an IT system by experts and break into it.

Many global corporation hires ethical hackers to check deficiency of their IT & network system to control malicious outside hackers to access sensitive data, trade secrets and other information.

Candidates should have special talent and skills in various applications such as Java or C++ and also in the function of UNIX.

Ethical Hackers plays a crucial role in the area of IT security & in the rising cybercrime instances. The demand is always increasing so you can make your career in Ethical Hacking as it emerges as one of the best choice as your career in India.

4. Environmentalist

In India, environmentalists as profession is a unique career choice. World as well as India faced the threats of global warming due to climate change. All the countries are concerning about environment and focused on green issues.

In the profession of environmentalist, you will be involved in preservation, protection and conservation of the environment. They play leading role in the conservation of land and water related issues as they are expert and experienced in it.

As all the countries are aware of the fact, demand of the environmentalists are increasing and it is also expected that this demand will increase approximately 11% in coming two or three years.


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5. Mobile Application Developer

Mobile phone i.e. smartphone is one of the most used things in our daily life and the demand of new creative mobile applications is increasing globally.

A mobile application developer develops various applications for entertainment and information purpose for the mobile phone users.

In this category, the demand is always at peak but the supply does not meet the demand. Some survey reveals that the demand of mobile application developers is increased by 32% in recent years.

To be a good mobile application developer you should have some key attributes like good programming skills, basic knowledge of mobile app development, analytical thinking and ability to innovate new ideas and designs.

6. Clinical Therapist/Psychologist

In modern days, life of most of the people are full of stress due to our sedentary lifestyle. A trained counsellor applies a clinical therapist to detect and treat issues related to mental and emotional disorders which become retardation in our life.

The process of treatment is lengthy and done in a series of inspections, face to face interview. The area of this field is very diverse and the focused areas are behavioural therapy, family and marriage therapy, addiction counselling and mental health counselling.

To be expert in this area you should have certain skills like problem-solving thinking, sympathy, good communication skills and sufficient patience.

7. Data Scientist

In the sector of technology, data scientist is one of the most high-rated career option in India and according to the reverend Harvard Business School, it is the sexiest job in India.

In this area high professionals are involved in huge amount of data perform their unique programming and skills of math to filter it to reveal the hidden information within it.

An experienced data scientist must have various tricks to be at apex in this area. Knowledge of Hadoop Platform, Python Coding and SQL Database/Coding is must. Other required skills are to have innovative thinking, acumen in business and have good communication skills.

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8. Veterinarian

This profession only for those who has love and affection for animal and is one of the higher paid job in India. Veterinarian or vets are well trained animal doctors such as animals and birds like pets, livestock etc.

The demand of veterinarian is always high because they engaged to save lives of thousands animals with the help of medicine or other treatments regularly.

They look after various species of animals tirelessly and also careful about their health and welfare. They also play a crucial role in public health, food safety, research and environmental protection. They have responsibility to animal caretakers, owners, handlers, pet agencies and policymakers to be responsible in animal’s health and welfare.

9. Food Flavourist

Food Flavourist popularly known as flavour chemists. They create new and innovative flavour in different types of foods, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and perfumes, toothpaste, lip balm, medication and vitamins.

They are scientist have in-depth knowledge of how essential oils and plant extracts, a passion, aroma chemicals are mixed to create flavours artificial as well as natural. They perform various tests in various food products and develop a sense of test. You have to engage yourself in research and development constantly.

Your future is bright in this profession as globally the food Flavourist industry is growing up day by day. In India, there is industry of about USD 75bn & approximately 13mn people are employed in it.

10. Paramedic/ EMT

The paramedic is a branch of medical science where people are involved in emergency medical treatment, diagnosis, and also do treatment of various diseases and health problem with the help of clinical labs, diagnostic tools, X-rays, ultrasound etc. is known as Paramedical Science. They reach the places of accidents or natural calamities such as flood, earthquake at first also known as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

They are trained in such a way that they can perform their duty in emergency situation as a doctor. They do treatment of a patient with the equipment and medicine which are available in emergency ward.

They attend emergency calls, provide emergency medical services and transport patients to reach nearest hospitals. Very often, they save the life of a patient by arriving to the hospital on time.

11. Writing

If you are in the habit of writing poems, short-stories, blogging, article writing then you can pursue it as full-time career in this sector. Writing is the way of communication through which the digital world, academic industry, software industry communicates and offers you an opportunity to make your career.

You should have done a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or a degree in Mass communication. You can join the of industry you want and your salary will be according to the type of industry.

12. Photography 

If you are passionate about photography want to make your career in it, there are many genres like Wild photography, Documentary photography, Architectural photography, Food photography, Landscape photography and many more.

You can work in various projects you want on full time basis. If you want to be a successful photographer, then keep in mind the words “A picture paints a thousand words”.

You should complete a degree in Journalism and Mass-communication.


Now the time has gone when you feel secured future in the conventional career courses. The unique career options that we mention above are coming in the frontline and have bright future.

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